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Sash Window Repair

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Sash Window Draught Proofing

Our sash window service focuses on sash window repair and on upgrading the performance of your sash windows. Wooden sash windows are professionally treated to remove any rot and to rectify any operational issues. The sash windows are upgraded using a unique system, which eliminates draughts and rattles, thus improving energy efficiency. We work all throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Many of our sash window projects are on listed buildings and properties within conservation areas.

  • Sash window repair and renovation specialist.
  • Unique perimeter sealing system virtually eliminates draughts and rattles.
  • Rotten timber repaired. Rotten sills replaced with hardwood.
  • Competitively priced without compromising on quality.
  • Prices can be less than £350 per window.
  • No VAT charged on any work carried out.

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Based in Plymouth, Devon our services employ the methods recommended by English Heritage and Historic England for the preservation and restoration – and draught proofing – of period windows. We use draught proofing materials specifically designed for period windows undergoing restoration.

Our aim is to help customers preserve their original wood sash windows: we believe repair and careful restoration is the most appropriate, economic and environmentally friendly way to maintain the originality and character of a property – and avoid the high cost of window replacement.

Our work ensures that your traditional sash windows:

  • Function as originally intended.
  • Retain their original character.
  • Are modernised and discreetly draught proofed.
  • Are safe and secure.
  • Will function for years to come.

The end result is a home that retains its visual and historic character – and enhances its value,

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