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Many homes leak heat through gaps in their sash windows. In fact, you can often feel this as a draught by holding your hand up against them on cold and wet Plymouth nights! This can have a profound effect on your energy costs with a typical home losing around 20% of all heat through ventilation and draughts – especially in older sash windows. South West Sash Windows are Plymouth based specialists for sash window repair and reconditioning, whilst also offering quality assured draft proofing solutions.

Draught proofing is essential for the winter months, and draught proofing sash windows is one of the most effective energy efficiency measures for any home – yet it is too often overlooked. Draught proofing offers the quickest return, offering savings year in, year out.

Draughts can cause major discomfort in the home, and for the elderly and very young this can be risky to health. Many older buildings, in particular, have poorly fitted sash windows, which leads to noticeable and uncomfortable draughts that are difficult to prevent unless a specialist solution is taken, which is where Sash Windows SW come into the picture, offering quality drought proofing services so you can enjoy the comfort of your own home again. Draughts cause cold damp air to be forced in as the warm air is drawn out. A lower temperature is acceptable in a draught free atmosphere.

Why should I draught proof my sash windows?

Air filtration can be reduced by as much as 86% by draught proofing sash windows.

The total airspace around the average sash window is equivalent to a hole in the wall 10 square inches in size. With all this room for manoeuvre, it’s no wonder that sash windows have a tendency to rattle and allow for draughts. As sash window specialists in Plymouth, we can provide draught proofing solutions that repair and recondition your sash windows, removing the presence of draughts in the process.

It is also common to position a radiator directly beneath, resulting in energy and money going literally straight out the window. Not only this but, where valuable heat escapes, a few external forces can make their way into your home, of which some can be found below.

  • Noise – Especially problematic if you live near a main road or busy pub.
  • Moisture – Causes mould and can lead to health problems.
  • Insects – Who belong in the outside world, not in your home.
  • Dirt – Anything that is air born can make it through.
  • Pollen – A health concern for hay-fever sufferers.
  • Car exhaust fumes – Which are bad for everyone.

How will draught proofing my sash windows help?

Airspace is inherent to the design of sash windows. It is necessary to allow the window to move. South West Sash Windows will simply fill this gap with a soft brush, creating a barrier to all of those unwanted nasties and keeping valuable heat in. Your home will instantly become a cosier, cleaner and safer from the environment, not to mention cheaper and greener to run.

We ensure quality of fit to maximise comfort and energy saving benefits for your sash windows. You can learn more about how we can help by contacting us here, or calling us on 07849 125276.

Draught Proofing Sash Windows in Plymouth
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