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Based in Devon and Cornwall, we can carry out repairs for rotten sills in order to improve the energy efficiency of your windows.

If the sash windows in your property have rotten sills, it may be possible that a repair of the window can be carried out without the need to replace the entire sill.

This is an example of a recent window repair carried out by South West Sash Windows, where the sill was previously rotten.

We carry out sash window repairs in Devon and Cornwall using a unique process.

Epoxy resin sash window repairs are carried out on the sash window sill. After the rot is carefully removed back to sound timber, the epoxy resin can then be applied and left to cure.

This is a hi tech rapid cure product, formulated specifically for window repairs.  It allows for ‘same day’ reconstruction and the cured resin is sanded to the exact profile of the sill or frame when it can then be primed, undercoated and glossed.

Once painted, the repair is invisible and blends in perfectly, as it has become part of the sill. It has the advantage of never becoming rotten again. This is a huge advantage as water tends to sit in the same places on a window or sill.

Once this repair has been completed you will gain the benefit of an efficient working window, which is protecting your home from the elements.

If you have a property in Devon or Cornwall that could benefit from this epoxy resin window repair, contact South West Sash Windows to arrange a quote.

Epoxy Resin Window Repair
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